Imagine if you were a preschooler and you had naptime right after lunch or outside time. Would you be able to relax and take a nap, or would you be energized and ready to play/learn? Implementing a naptime routine, utilizing a variety of transition techniques, and being aware of each child’s needs can create a much better naptime experience for both students and teachers. 

Creating a Naptime Routine

As you work on creating a naptime routine for the children in your care, be sure to include small rituals and transition techniques. Reading a book, gradually dimming the lights, closing the curtains, singing a special song, etc. are all ways you can transition into preschool naptime. You can also ask children to clean up their area and get their blanket out of their cubby to help them feel involved in the process.  

Having an Awareness of Each Child’s Needs

What helps each child go to sleep? Do two or three of the children like someone to rub their backs when they first lie down on their sleeping mats? Does one child sleep better when his blanket is touching his cheek? Does everyone have a better naptime experience when the classroom is a certain temperature? Providing individualized care by identifying and addressing each child’s preferences and needs during naptime can improve the experience for everyone.

Dealing with Naptime Rebels 

Preschool naps can be very frustrating for teachers because there are usually a few students who simply refuse to lie down and take a nap. If that’s the case in your classroom, it’s important to remember that not every preschooler needs to sleep during naptime. Try to accommodate children by letting them have quiet time instead of naptime. 

Naptime Tip: Have a special basket or box for naptime that is filled with books, small puzzles, crayons, paper, etc. Make sure the preschoolers in your classroom know that they can only use the items in the basket/box when they are quiet and willing to stay on their sleeping cots. 

Be sure children are supervised at all times when they are napping, and keep in mind that most preschoolers only need 30 minutes to an hour for their nap. 

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