Have you heard about Worry Eaters? They’re the new must-have tool for social and emotional learning in the classroom. The plush toys comfort children by giving them the opportunity to share their worries. If something is bothering children, they can simply draw or write down their worry on a piece of paper and feed it to their favorite Worry Eater. The Worry Eaters will hold on to their worries, so they don’t have to.

All Worry Eaters have a zippered mouth, which allows children to easily insert the slips of paper that describe their worry or worries. Providing children with opportunities to express their worries and concerns will ultimately have a positive effect on children’s behavior and your classroom learning environment. Children will be much more likely to focus and pay attention if they’re not worried about whatever is bothering them. This is especially true during the times of the year when children are likely to be more nervous. For example, most children are worried about making new friends and making a good first impression at the beginning of the school year.

Meet the Worry Eaters®




Main Color: Orange

Available Sizes: Small and Large




Main Color: Brown

Available Sizes: Small and Large




Main Color: Light Green

Available Sizes: Small and Large





Main Color: Purple

Available Sizes: Large




Main Color: Blue

Available Sizes: Large

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