If you care for infants and toddlers, diaper changes are everyday occurrences and often get messy, which is why it’s important to have the right changing table and supplies. Whether you’re looking for a changing table with stairs, a wall cabinet to store diapers in, or changing pads, we’ve got you covered.

1. Changing Table with Left-Hand Sink – Natural

With a sink included on the left side, this would be a great daycare diaper changing table. The table features sliding doors and a spacious shelf. Washing your hands or a baby’s hands will be a lot easier with this changing table.

2. Wooden Step Up Changing Table

This toddler changing table will give you and your back a break from lifting children. Toddlers can practice their independence by climbing the stairs when it’s time to have their diaper changed. The steps slide out from behind the door, and they also lock in place to help ensure toddlers are safe.

3. Diaper Supply Wall Cabinet

Hanging a wall cabinet over your daycare changing table is the perfect way to keep diapers and other supplies easily in reach. Instead of having to stoop down and get supplies out from under the table, you can simply reach up and grab whatever you need.

4. Doe Vinyl Baby Changer

This waterproof, vinyl-covered baby changer is easy to clean and fits most changing tables. The color of the changer is also great for classrooms that have calm and relaxing environments with neutral color schemes. If you prefer to use paper with your changing table(s), we also offer changing table paper rolls.

5. Poopy Doo 200 Bags Dispenser

Don’t just toss dirty diapers in the trash—put them in these convenient diaper bags to stop odor and lock in wetness. The bags are nontoxic, have a light powder scent, and are easy to tie. The handy wall dispenser makes it easy to reach for a diaper bag as you’re cleaning up. Be sure to order extra bags to refill your dispenser!

Check out our all of our changing tables, storage units, and other changing supplies in the Infant & Toddler Care section of our website.