Looking for simple and easy Halloween crafts for kids? We’ve got just what you’re looking for! You and your students will enjoy making these three spider webs and the spooky spiders that go along with them.



1. Freestyle Web with Fingerprint Spider

One of the easiest ways to make a spider web is with glitter glue. Simply use the glue to make your version of a web. When your design is complete, make a spider out of your ink fingerprint. Use colored pencils to add details to the spider, and use crayons or colored pencils to write words on the construction paper.

2. Starlit Web with Round Spider

Start your spider web by making simple patterns with the glue. Add glitter on top of the wet glue to make your web sparkle. Let it dry. Draw a simple spider pattern for kids or have them make their own to color and cut out. Add glue to the back of your spooky spider and press it down onto the starlit web.

3. Sandman Web with Hanging Spider

Use glue to make a spider web pattern on a black piece of construction paper. Cover the glue in white sand. Be sure to let it dry before moving it too much. Cut out another spooky spider and tape a piece of white yarn or thread to the back. Tape the other end of the yarn/thread to the back of your web for a spooky effect.

Crafts were inspired by a craft featured in the GIANT Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities.

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