Fall is finally here! Create these paper plate fall suncatchers with your students and hang them in one of your classroom windows as part of your classroom decorations for fall.

Required Materials:

Optional Design Materials:

What to Do:

  1. Prep for the activity by cutting out the centers of the paper plates with a craft knife and/or scissors. Be sure to save the centers as a way for you or your students to measure how much Con-Tact paper is needed for each plate.
  2. Using the centers of the paper plates, cut out square pieces of Con-Tact paper that are slightly bigger than the centers.
  3. If students want to paint the border of their paper plates, now is the time.
  4. Have children press the Con-Tact paper down onto the back of their plates. Make sure it covers the center. They may need to trim the edges some to help it stick.
  5. Mix yellow, red, and orange sand for fun fall colors!
  6. Ask children to draw something that reminds them of autumn or have them trace autumn templates (pumpkins, acorns, leaves, etc.) onto tissue paper for cute centerpiece designs.
  7. Use scissors to cut out the designs and press one of them onto the Con-Tact paper of each paper plate.
  8. Children can use paper dots from hole punches, glitter, confetti, small pieces of paper, and other collage materials to add fall flair to their paper plate suncatchers.
  9. Once children have added any extra design materials to the center of their plates, have them sprinkle sand over the centers. Show them how to roll the sand around the plate to make sure the entire area is covered. Have extra paper plates nearby for children to empty the excess sand off of their plates.
  10. Once the center is complete, work on finishing the border design. Children can trace and cut out leaf patterns for added design.
  11. Have children glue leaves onto their plates and add fall-related words as a final touch.
  12. Teach children how to tie slipknots in twine or ribbon and attach them to the back of their plates.

*Craft based on an activity featured in the GIANT Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities.

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