If this is your first year of teaching, you’re most likely exhausted from the first few weeks of school. You’re creating endless lesson plans, figuring out the layout of your classroom, and trying to build rapport with your teacher assistant if you have one. You’re probably also looking to bring in some new classroom materials now that you’ve had a chance to be in your own classroom for a few weeks. While we can’t help you with some of the things you’re experiencing as a new teacher, we can provide you with a list of essential teacher supplies that you can review to see if you’re missing anything in your classroom. Keep in mind that even though this is a first year teacher supply list, the items listed below are things all teachers need.

1. Hand Pointers

You can use these three 15” pointers to help focus children’s attention and keep them engaged during a lesson or read-aloud activity. The pointers also put less stress on your arms and shoulders because you don’t have to point with your fingers as much. Allowing children to use the pointers for different activities also encourages participation and learning.

2. Rolling Organizer and Saddle Bag

The Rolling Organizer and Saddle Bag is perfect for storing supplies for wonderful hands-on experiences in the classroom. You can also use it to prep for the school day by precutting materials for art projects, organizing your lesson plans, and more at home instead of prepping during class. You can even slip your lunch or snack into one of the multiple storage pockets.

3. Calendar

Having a calendar in the classroom helps children learn about the months, weeks, and days of the year while also encouraging interactive learning in a group. Our Complete Calendar Pocket Chart allows you to personalize the birthday and special event cards with dry-erase markers. The pocket chart comes with 100 bilingual cards and has 48 see-through pockets.

4. Timer

Timers help children learn time management, and they are also wonderful for children who need visual aids, especially children with special needs. Children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, in particular, tend to respond well to timers. The Time Timer® Plus features an on-the-go carry handle, volume control dial, and more.

5. All-in-One Teacher Tote

Whether you want to move around the classroom or take class outdoors, the All-in-One Teacher Tote allows you to easily store classroom supplies, art materials, and other necessities when you’re going to be on the go. The tote features eight pockets in addition to the main compartment, and a transparent sleeve allows you to label the tote.

6. Digital Camera

With all of the technology available to us now, it’s easy to forget that something as simple as a digital camera is technology too. You can provide children with a soft introduction to technology by allowing them to use a digital camera in the classroom. A digital camera also allows you to take pictures of and record activities and special events throughout the school year. You can connect with parents by sending them the pictures and videos you take through an email newsletter or by posting them to a class blog.

*Make sure you follow your center or school district’s policies about cameras in the classroom.

7. Baskets & Totes

Children need predictability and organization in the classroom. They won’t react well if you change the class layout or location of materials constantly. Incorporating baskets and totes into your classroom setup provides an opportunity to help children feel more comfortable because they’ll be able to identify where certain materials are based on the basket or tote it’s stored in.

8. Posters

Hanging posters such as those included in Our Friends Posters, Families of the World Poster Set, and Real Life Posters in the classroom fosters visual learning and gives you opportunities to cover a variety of topics. You can also use posters to put the finishing touches on your classroom design and make the classroom environment feel more complete.

Browse our website for a variety of other classroom supplies for teachers. If you teach preschool-age children, we have a preschool classroom supplies list that may also interest you. Be sure to check out all of the helpful articles we have in the Insights and Inspirations section of our website as you continue your journey as a new teacher.