What is Early Head Start? Simply put, it’s a program that offers support and services to low-income pregnant women, infants and toddlers up to age three, and their families. At Kaplan, we understand how vital Early Head Start programs are in their communities, which is why we offer a variety of materials, services, and resources to support Early Head Start programs and Early Head Start staff.

Curriculum and Assessment

Are you looking for an appropriate curriculum or program for infants and toddlers? We offer a variety of curriculum resources, including Learn Every Day™: The Program for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos and Beyond Cribs & Rattles, 2nd Edition. We also offer several assessments, such as the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment for Infants and Toddlers (DECA-I/T) and the Early Learning Accomplishment Profile (E-LAP™) Kit, you and your staff can use to measure children’s development and screen for potential risks. Be sure to read “Selecting an Appropriate Infant-Toddler Program or Curriculum” and “Selecting an Appropriate Infant-Toddler Assessment” for additional tips and resources on choosing a curriculum and assessment for your Early Head Start program.

Classroom Materials

Utilize our Early Head Start Classroom Lists to ensure that the young children enrolled in your program have all the materials they need to grow and develop and get ready for preschool. Whether you’re looking for cots and mats, cribs, changing supplies, or developmental toys, we have all of the infant and toddler materials you need for your Early Head Start program. Be sure to read “Teaching STEM (or STEAM) in Infant-Toddler Environments” for information on how you can incorporate STEM/STEAM concepts and materials into learning environments for very young children.

Playground Options

We offer over 20 easy-to-relocate playground items and accessories for your Early Head Start’s playground. Selecting moveable playground equipment for your program ensures that your outdoor classroom can be easily relocated if needed. Our Playgrounds by Kaplan team members are experts in designing playgrounds that fit your program’s needs—today and in the future. We recently interviewed Mark Zimmerman, Kaplan’s Playground Sales Manager, and he provided some great information about our playground products and the playground building process in “Playgrounds by Kaplan: What You Need to Know”. You can also find a variety of tips and resources for creating engaging outdoor classrooms, selecting playground equipment, and much more in the Outdoor Spaces category of our Insights and Inspirations section.

Customized Professional Development

Are you looking for high-quality trainings and professional development for the staff of your Early Head Start program? We offer both onsite and online professional development options for educators and caregivers. Our team of certified Education Specialists will work hard to inform and inspire your staff. Whether you’re looking for a one-day training session, online courses, a full year of training, or somewhere in-between, we can customize a program that meets the specific needs of your staff and program. Keith Pentz, one of our professional development presenters, recently did a webinar on the importance of cuddling. You can learn more about the webinar and about Keith by reading “Why Cuddling with Young Children Is So Important”.

K-Truck Delivery and Setup Services

Want to create effective learning environments for infants and toddlers? We can help! Our K-Truck Delivery and Setup Team has the knowledge and experience needed to properly set up classrooms. The team will unload the K-Truck, place boxes in classrooms, remove packaging, and much more. For more information about our K-Truck Delivery and Setup Services, contact your local Kaplan representative.

Visit our Early Head Start Resources page for additional information about products and services that can help you meet the needs of your Early Head Start or Child Care Partnership.