Have you stocked up on all of your preschool teaching supplies? Be sure to add these must-haves for the classroom to your preschool supply list!

Fine Motor

With children in preschool still developing their fine motor skills, it’s important to help facilitate their development of those skills in the classroom by offering a variety of manipulatives for them to use.

Our Large Manipulative Set includes three classic ways to engage children in fine motor development. Snapdolls strengthen the muscles required for many daily activities by helping children learn to snap things together, and they also promote acceptance and can be used as dramatic play items. The Linking Cube Construction Set will help children develop their radial digital grasp.

 Large Manipulative Set   Snapdolls   Linking Cube Construction Set

Dramatic Play

As children observe more of what adults do, dramatic play allows them to practice a variety of skills and helps them begin to understand their environment and the world around them.

The realistic look of our Aluminum Cooking Set and Utensils will give children the feel of a real cooking experience, while providing mirrors in the dramatic play center will help promote children’s self-awareness. The Wooden Workbench with Vise gives children opportunities to “fix” things, which can strengthen fine motor muscles and support skill-based learning.

Aluminum Cooking Set and Utensils   Mirror Windows to the World   Wooden Workbench with Vise


Children need an imaginative/creative outlet in the classroom, and giving children the preschool art supplies needed to complete open-ended art activities can easily fulfill that need.

Playing with dough is a classic way for children to express their creativity while gaining other valuable skills. Crayons are a familiar item that can be used to draw on a variety of mediums, and finger paint allows for freedom of expression and texture experiences.

Kaplan Dough (Set of 10)   Jumbo Crayons Class Pack (200 Per Box)   Kaplan Kolors Finger Paint (16 oz)


Preschoolers are natural explorers, which is why items that allow children to explore and learn about the environment should be included in your list of preschool classroom supplies.

Playing with magnets provides valuable lessons in experimentation, identification, and classification, which makes the Mighty Magnet Set a must-have for preschool classrooms. Our Nature Sounds Kit allows children to experience real life nature sounds, which can promote an interest in the outdoors. The Desert Nature Kit gives children hands-on interaction and experience with actual objects found in nature.

Mighty Magnet Set   Nature Sounds Kit   Desert Nature Kit


Preschoolers need to develop early math skills, such as sorting, comparing, and counting, to build the foundation for math skills and concepts they will learn about and develop in elementary school.

Use the Ladybug Activity Cards with Ladybug Stones to create fun opportunities for young children to develop early math skills. The Ordering and Positional Words School Readiness Math Toolbox also provides wonderful hands-on activities that allow preschoolers to begin to understand how to organize objects in the correct sequence. Our Out and About with Math Kit allows you to take your math lessons outdoors and help children learn number sense and other fundamental math skills.

Ladybug Activity Cards   Ordering and Positional Words School Readiness Math Toolbox   Out and About with Math Kit


Language and literacy activities promote cognitive development and sequential thinking in young children.

The Little Frog Felt Story Set fosters a love of reading and invites children into a story by involving them with the characters. Our Preschool Journals promote self-expression by allowing children to share their thoughts, idea, experiences, etc. in their own personal journal. The Alphabet Sorting Tray creates familiarity with all the letters of the alphabet (upper and lower case) for young children. 

Little Frog Felt Story Set   Preschool Journals   Alphabet Sorting Tray

Blocks & Transportation

Block play gives young children opportunities to develop a variety of skills, such as math, science, language, motor, social, emotional, and cognitive skills.

The real look and textured feel of the Timber & Crosscut Builders give children a realistic outdoor building experience, and the Mini Unit Bricks® take basic building skills a step further by incorporating advanced balance and engineering skills. With a classic design and a variety of fun features, our Big Red Barn is also a great addition to any block play learning center.

Timber & Crosscut Builders   Mini Unit Bricks®   Big Red Barn

Music & Movement

Music and movement activities help increase young children’s coordination and spatial awareness.

The simple rhythmic instruments included in the Shake, Rattle, and Rhythm Kit introduce children to a variety of cultural sounds, and the Boomwhackers Activity Kit gives children opportunities to experiment with different sounds and tones. The Adventures in Sound Kit provides a variety of common instruments to give children experience with all the musical families.

Shake, Rattle, and Rhythm Kit   Boomwhackers Activity Kit   Adventures in Sound Kit

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