Art centers play a vital role in encouraging creativity and helping young children express themselves, which is why creating an art center that inspires children to draw, paint, and color is so important. From selecting the perfect paint and paint brushes for your center to finding awesome storage solutions for art supplies, we have all the materials you need for kids’ art projects. The following art center must-haves will help you put together an extraordinary art center and help children feel like young artists.

Art Easels

Art easels are a must-have for many art projects for kids. Whether you’re looking for a tabletop art easel, multi-station art easel, or an outdoor art easel, you’ll find that we offer a variety of easel options. Three of our favorite art easels feature storage space, multiple art stations, and drying areas for artwork:

Art Supply Storage

Art activities for children require a wide variety of art supplies, and it can be a chore to organize and store your art materials when they’re not being used. To help you store all of your paint brushes, paper, crayons, markers, and other popular early childhood art supplies, here are a few of our favorite storage solutions for art centers:


Painting is a favorite activity for many children, so you need to have a variety of brushes on hand. Make sure your art center includes watercolor brushes, easy-grip brushes, and other traditional art brushes, but be sure you also offer nontraditional brushes (such as the three brushes below) for children to use while painting.

Craft and Collage Materials

Buttons, pipe cleaners, pom poms, craft sticks, yarn, glitter, beads, and wiggly eyes are just a few of the materials required in many crafts for children. Craft and collage materials in bold and bright colors are the most popular for many young children. Check out a few of our top picks below:

Crayons, Markers, and Pencils

Crayons, markers, and pencils are must-haves for almost all arts and crafts for children. Make sure you have the right size crayons for your students and that you have enough crayons, markers, and pencils for your art center. Try to include fun metallic, neon, and tropical colors for children to choose in addition to regular primary and secondary colors. Here are just three of the drawing materials we offer:

Mats and Trays

Paint spilling on the floor, glitter going everywhere, and marks being left on tables are just a few things that can go awry in the art center. By using spill mats and art trays, you can stop many of those messes from occurring. Here are our top three picks for preventing big messes in the art center:


Whether you’re looking for paint to purchase for your art center or want to know the difference between finger paint and tempera paint, we have all of the paint solutions you need. We’ve featured three of our favorite paint options below:


Students can’t paint, draw, or color without paper, making it an essential component of art centers. However, there are plenty of paper options available. Offer different colors of construction paper, but be sure to also include tissue paper, color diffusing paper, and other types of paper for children to use.

Sponges and Stampers

Sponges can be dipped in paint to create fun designs, and stampers and stamp pads are another great way for children to be creative in your art center. Check out some of our favorite sponge and stamp items below:

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