Have you ever wondered what a fairy tale would look like as a graphic novel or wanted to discover another country’s version of a fairy tale? With easily relatable and universal themes, fairy tales are the perfect stories to explore in multiple formats with children. Whether it’s a classic storybook, a graphic novel, or a retelling of the story from another character’s point of view, offering children different ways to explore stories can have a number of benefits in the classroom:

  1. Having fairy tales available in multiple formats can make reluctant readers happy readers. If a child doesn’t enjoy reading a classic storybook, he or she may love reading the graphic novel version of a fairy tale, especially if the child is a visual learner.
  2. You can explore the cultural elements that influence fairy tales in other countries with students. Are the characters the same? Do they wear the same type of outfits? What else is different from the version of the story they’re used to hearing or reading?
  3. Exploring fairy tales in different formats helps children discover nontraditional ways to read books. Having a variety of reading materials available is essential for any classroom library. It’s important for children to understand that a classic storybook isn’t the only type or format of book they can read.

Want to explore fairy tales in multiple formats with students? Check out these book sets!

Fairy Tales in Multiple Formats:
Red Riding Hood & Rapunzel
Fairy Tales in Multiple Formats: 
Snow White & Cinderella
Graphic Spin Book Set (Set of 8)


Come See the Kaplan Elementary Team at ILA 2016!

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Here are a few things you’ll want to know:

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