Searching for a fun, open-ended activity to help encourage children’s creativity and celebrate Independence Day? Look no further! Children can use a variety of art supplies to create their very own sparkle collages for Independence Day. This activity provides you with the perfect opportunity to discuss firework safety and the role fireworks play in Fourth of July celebrations. Here’s what you need to get started:


What to Do:

1. Ask children what their families do to celebrate Independence Day. Ask them to describe how fireworks look and sound. Record their responses by writing them down, or ask older children to write a short essay about fireworks.

2. Ask the children to draw pictures of firework displays they have seen in the past. If some children have never seen fireworks, ask them to imagine how they might look.

3. Give each child a piece of black construction paper. Provide bottles of brightly colored glitter paint or glitter glue, brightly colored scraps of tissue paper, white glue, and glitter. See other sparkle collages on Youtube!

4. Encourage the children to make a fireworks picture. Give them time to experiment with the materials. Encourage individuality and creativity. Be sure to make positive comments about what they are doing.

5. Once the collages are dry, ask children to hold up their collages and smile for a picture. You could send the pictures to parents or post them on your classroom blog or Facebook page. Be sure to tag us at @KaplanCo!

More to Do:

Bulletin Board: Create an Independence Day bulletin board display using the drawings. Title the display: “Sparkles in the Sky.” Hang the pictures and post children’s essays or comments underneath their collages.

Group or Circle Time: After Independence Day, have a follow-up discussion. Ask the children if the fireworks were anything like what they thought they would be. Ask them to describe what they saw and heard at the fireworks displays. Compare their comments after seeing the fireworks with their comments from before.

Literacy: Post fireworks words (boom, crack, rocket, sparkle, zoom) in the writing center for the children to print.

Related Song: Have fun singing the song below with children.

"Sparkle, Sparkle In The Sky" (Tune: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")

Sparkle, sparkle in the sky
See the fireworks way up high,
Red and blue, yellow and green,
The brightest colors you have ever seen.
Sparkle, sparkle in the sky
See the fireworks up way high.

Activity Source: Adapted from The GIANT Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities

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