We had so many great nominees for our 2016 Kaplan Classroom Heroes campaign! Thanks to everyone who nominated a deserving educator. Tammy Sadler, Jennifer Freeman, and Grace Giangaspro were named our 2016 Kaplan Classroom Heroes and each received a $500 Kaplan Gift Card. You can learn more about each of the winners below.

Winner Spotlight: Tammy Sadler


As the Nursery A Lead Teacher at Gateway Academy Columbine in Littleton, Colorado, Tammy Sadler does a fantastic job at making families feel welcome in the classroom and comfortable leaving their children in her care. Read the comments below to learn more about why Tammy is a Kaplan Classroom Hero.

  • "Ms. Tami is always willing to help with whatever is needed. She goes above and beyond in her class: posting pictures, communicating with parents, decorating, planning, and anything that makes the families more comfortable. Ms. Tami is a vital part of Gateway. I receive comments almost daily from parents expressing the security they feel leaving their babies in Tami's care. She sends pictures each day of the little ones enjoying their day, so mom, dad, and grandparents can rest easy. Tami communicates their daily activities, so parents are informed when they pick up their child. The babies in her care are happy and content and are free to grow and learn knowing Ms. Tami will be there to love them."
  • "We have a mom who just enrolled her first child yesterday, May 23rd. She came by yesterday afternoon to check on her. She was happy to have received pictures and information throughout the day from Ms. Tami to make the separation easier on her. Later when dad picked her up, he expressed how easy Ms. Tami had made things on mom. This is something I hear regularly. Ms. Tami makes each family feel right at home; she has done this for over 15 years.”

Winner Spotlight: Jennifer Freeman


As an ESL teacher at Southwest Elementary School in Lexington, North Carolina, Jennifer Freeman has a special place in the hearts of her students and coworkers. Here are a few comments shared about Jennifer on the nomination form:

  • “Ms. Freeman is one of the most AMAZING people you'll ever meet. She teaches ESL, but she is so much more than a teacher. She is kind, she is caring, and she loves her students and coworkers. She is a beautiful person who sees the good in people and supports her peers in any way she can. She's always willing to dive in head first with new (and often unexpected) tasks. If there's ever a teacher I desire to be like, it's Ms. Freeman. She's like Superwoman in our school! I've seen her comfort children, correct children, and celebrate successes with children. We, in our district, often do not receive recognition for what we do, and I would love for her to be named a Kaplan Classroom Hero, because she will always be my educational hero.”
  • “Ms. Freeman teaches ESL to grades 1-5 at our school. She takes her time and gets to know each of her students and carries a positive relationship with them all. Not only does she serve as an ESL teacher, she steps in to support me in my classroom by pulling a small group and working with them to give them the extra boost they need as we prepare for EOGs. My students adore her and are so eager to go to her group when it's time.”

Winner Spotlight: Grace Giangaspro


Grace Giangaspro is the Preschool/Pre-K Program Manager for Next Generation Children’s Centers, Cadence Education. She was nominated due to her amazing perseverance during personal tragedy and the love and care she gives her students every day. Learn more about Grace’s impact in the classroom below.

  • “Miss Grace is an amazing educator and individual! She rises above not only in her classroom, and our center, but also in life. Last year, Miss Grace lost her own son, yet she comes to school each day and adds love, laughter, and learning to the lives of all of our students. Miss Grace's classroom shines, and the children who enter through her doors each day know that they are loved and encouraged to extend their learning past curriculum guidelines and expectations. Miss Grace takes time each day to give special attention to "the little things" that can mean so much to young children. There is always a stream of laughter and imaginary adventures in Grace's room. Her students can't wait to run into the room in the morning and hate to leave at night. Parents are appreciative of the love and care she gives their children and often ask for parenting advice.”
  • “Each day, despite her own personal tragedy, Grace shines in her classroom and in our center. She can be seen modeling play outside on the playgrounds and leading our Fun & Fit gym program for preschool children. Grace takes the time to connect with each child and see the world through their eyes and make each moment of their day the best possible.”

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