Are your students ready to celebrate the birthday of the American flag? Flag Day is June 14th, and making our Craft Stick Flags is a great Flag Day activity for kids. Tell your students about Betsy Ross and the making of the American flag, and examine the colors, stripes, stars, and other details of the flag. You can also discuss the different versions of the American flag and what the different elements of the flag represent. Read F Is for Flag or another flag-themed book to students as a part of the celebration.

One of the great things about this craft activity is that you can customize it to fit your teaching needs. Whether you want to focus solely on the American flag or study the flags of other countries, students will enjoy the hands-on opportunity to make a mini replica of the flag(s) they’re studying.

Watch the activity video, and then read the full instructions to get started making these festive flags!

Craft Stick Flags



  1. Give each child 12 jumbo crafts sticks. Either precut or help children use scissors to cut three craft sticks into 4” sticks and three craft sticks into 2.5” sticks.
  2. Have them paint the uncut craft sticks to match the red and white colors of the flag. They’ll also need to paint the three 2.5” sticks blue. The 4” sticks don’t need to be painted—they’ll be used to glue the sticks together.
  3. Let the painted sticks dry.
  4. Place the painted, uncut sticks in the correct order, and glue the unpainted 4” sticks on the left, right, and middle of the unpainted side of the flag shape to hold all of the craft sticks together.
  5. Let the glue dry before proceeding.
  6. Add stars to the blue 2.5” craft sticks. Children can draw and cut out star shapes from white card stock or construction paper. Star stickers would be another option.
  7. Glue the blue 2.5” sticks in the upper left hand corner of the first three rows. Let the glue dry.
  8. If desired, attach yarn or ribbon to the back of the flag with glue or tape and hang it up in the classroom. 

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