From pillows and mats to climbers and bouncers, adding a variety of soft materials to your infant and toddler classroom helps ensure young children’s safety as they explore their environment and learn to crawl and walk. Here are 10 soft and cozy favorites that you can add to your early learning environment:


1. Shine and Sounds Shelly

For children six months and up, Shine and Sounds Shelly has ribbons and soft fabrics for infants to explore. Simply press on Shelly’s shell and watch the mirror shine with colorful Lamaze characters. Three daytime tunes and two nighttime melodies are available to choose from.


2. Man in the Moon Climber

Infants and toddlers can reach for the stars with this simple climber. The Man in the Moon Climber provides a soft place for children to practice crawling and climbing and measures 10”H x 36” diameter. Young children will feel a sense of accomplishment after reaching the top.


3. Boppy® Pillow – Whale Watch Blue

The Boppy® Pillow is designed to lift infants into a more comfortable position for feedings, support babies as they grow, and much more. The stylish whale-themed slipcover makes the Boppy® Pillow a cute addition to any infant and toddler classroom or daycare center.


4. My First Paddington Plush Teddy Bear

My First Paddington Plush Teddy Bear is soft and safe for babies starting at birth and up. Infants and toddlers will love snuggling with this adorable bear, and they will also enjoy hearing and reading Paddington Bear’s classic story as they grow up.


5. Farm Animal Pillows (Set of 5)

These Kaplan-exclusive Farm Animal Pillows come in a set of five and are perfect additions to soft areas in early childhood classrooms. Children will love using them for afternoon naps and snuggling up to them in different spots around the classroom.


6. Cuddly Turtle Plush Chair

Young children will enjoy sitting in this soft and cozy chair. The Cuddly Turtle Plush Chair invites toddlers to slow down and enjoy a moment of quiet time during storytime and other parts of the day. The plush polyester fabric is durable and easy to clean, making this chair a welcome seating option in the classroom.


7. Starry Starry Night Owl Mat

This activity mat features soft color tones and nature-inspired graphics that inspire a dreamy tone. The mirror moon on the Starry Starry Night Owl Mat reflects children’s faces when they look at themselves, and the owl watches over the babies from its perch on the tree.


8. Sensory Flower Pillow

The Sensory Flower Pillow provides a variety of tactile learning experiences for infants and toddlers with each petal on the pillow crinkling or rattling. The cover can be removed and is machine washable. The pillow measures 23” in diameter, and its soft color tones will go well with other furnishings in the classroom.


9. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity Gym

Children will love the bright colors of The Very Hungry Caterpillar Activity Gym! The gym features four linkable toys, a soft caterpillar to support children, and a musical mobile that plays “You Are My Sunshine” when its switch is turned on. The activity gym is also a great way to introduce children to a beloved character and children’s book.


10. Safari Puppeteer Bouncer

The Safari Puppeteer Bouncer features two interactive hand puppets on the toy bar that can be used to engage babies for added play. The seat has full body and head support for newborns, three-point safety harness, and two-position recline. Various melodies, sounds, and vibrations are also included to help soothe and entertain young children.

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