Do you make time for yoga in your classroom? Research has shown that yoga can help students improve their memory and focus while also giving them a healthy outlet to express their emotions. If you’re thinking about including yoga in your lesson plans, be sure to read our Insights and Inspirations article “Using Yoga in the Classroom” to learn more about the benefits of yoga for students and how to get started. You’ll also want to check out these eight yoga must-haves for the classroom!

1. Yoga CD

This soothing collection of songs from musicians around the world will set the perfect tone for your classroom yoga sessions!

2. Complete Yoga Set

Our Complete Yoga Set is great for the classroom or an afterschool program. It comes with 10 yoga mats and two DVDs. Additional yoga mats are available.

3. Body Poetry: Yoga Cards

With cards divided into three categories (easy, intermediate, and challenging), children will have fun learning a variety of yoga pose with this 16-card set.

4. World Yoga CD

Enjoy 15 soothing songs from Wales, Nepal, Portugal, and other countries with the World Yoga CD.

5. Yoga Pretzels Cards

The Yoga Pretzels Cards provide 50 fun yoga activities for both children and adults to learn and enjoy!

6. Kids Yoga Mat

For children seven years of age and younger, the Kids Yoga Mat is durable and provides a slip-resistant surface for children as they practice their yoga poses.

7. Yoga Lounge CD

The Yoga Lounge CD features 12 songs that will help you and your students relax and enjoy the yoga experience.

8. YogaKids® DVD Set (Set of 3)

Children will have the chance to learn a variety of yoga exercises that will strengthen their bodies and help them relax. The three DVDs featured in the set include YogaKids® 1: Original DVD, YogaKids® 2: ABC’s DVD, and YogaKids®3: Silly to Calm DVD.

Do you use yoga in your classroom? Tell us about your experiences with classroom yoga on our Facebook and Twitter pages or in the comment section below!