Choosing technology for the classroom can be both exciting and overwhelming, but if you’re looking for educational technology that encourages exploration and helps kids learn through experience, we’ve added some great devices and programs to our lineup this year!

Inspire Ultra and Inspire Plus

More versatile and easy to use than any other interactive device!

The innovative Inspire Ultra (65” 4000ppi Screen) and Inspire Plus (55” 1080ppi Screen) come with our Shine-2 Software package and feature a push-button adjustable stand that allows you to easily change the height or rotate the screen. Backed by the best warranty on the market, the Inspire Ultra and Inspire Plus can provide endless learning opportunities for the children in your care. A five-year subscription to Prowise ProConnect software is also included to help you create and share lessons easily. Learn more about the Inspire Ultra and Inspire Plus and the other devices and programs we offer at

Simple push-button controls! Four lockable swivel wheels! A compact base saves space! 

Watch the video below for more information on our Inspire Line:

Group Maker

Group Maker is included with our Kaplan-exclusive Shine-2 Software package.

From adding a child’s photo to make the lesson more personalized to dropping in familiar images for children to sort and classify, teachers can use Group Maker to make exciting new sorting activities with our Group Bubbles software. Check out this review from a teacher in Pittsburgh, PA:

“I appreciate how quickly and easily I can customize my student’s activities with Group Maker. I can create meaningful lessons about any content in minutes. The children love seeing their own photos in the explorations.”

Customizing instruction is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Log in to Group Maker online from any computer.
  2. Build your sorting activity using the provided image library, or you can even add words and photos of your own!
  3. Upload your customized activity to any Kaplan Interactive Device!

Looking for tips on incorporating technology into your classroom?

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