If you’re looking for a fun and creative activity to do with students when you’re stuck inside due to the weather, try making window art! Window art is a great way to foster creativity while allowing students to help you decorate your classroom. You can even turn it into a class tradition by doing window art to celebrate holidays or certain themes.

1. Fun with Window Art Crayons

Give children window art crayons or markers and let them come up with their own designs. Animals, holidays, seasons, and special days in the school year are all great window theme ideas. We chose a Valentine’s Day theme for our example window art.

2. Simple Sun Catcher

Another great window art idea is to create a DIY sun catcher. It’s a great way to help children develop their fine motor skills while also learning about the light that comes from the sun. Check out the instructions for making a Simple Sun Catcher below:


  • Clear contact paper
  • Hole punch
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • String or shiny thread
  • Tissue paper

What to Do:

  1. Help the children cut out two identical circles of clear contact paper, peel the backing off one circle, and place this circle sticky-side-up on the table.
  2. Tell the children to tear tissue paper into small pieces and then press the pieces of torn tissue onto the sticky surface, alternating between colors to create a stained glass effect. Tip: Ask the children not to place tissue paper all the way to the edge of the contact paper circle. The second circle will stick better if there is a little clear space at the edge.
  3. When the children have filled the circle with torn tissue, help them peel the backing off the second circle and press and smooth this circle onto the circle with tissue paper.
  4. Help the children make a hole at the top and thread a length of string or shiny thread through the hole.
  5. Hang the finished sun catchers near a bright window or glass door.

Source: Another Encyclopedia of Theme Activities

3. Stained Glass Animal Pictures

Test children’s ability to follow directions while helping them develop an awareness and appreciation of visual art with this stained glass activity:


  • Animal pictures suitable for tracing
  • Colorful markers or highlighters
  • Construction paper
  • Thick-tipped black markers
  • Tracing paper

What to Do:

  1. Show the children examples of stained glass windows.
  2. Ask the children to draw a picture of an animal or to choose one of the animal pictures you have available.
  3. Have the children use a thick-tipped black marker to trace over lines of their pictures onto tracing paper.
  4. Encourage children to use colorful makers to fill in their traced pictures.
  5. Frame the stained glass pictures with a construction paper cutout frame, and display the children’s stained glass works in a sunny window!

Source: Another Encyclopedia of Theme Activities

4. Snowflake “Stained Glass” Window Art

Create beautiful winter-themed window art with this fun activity! Cut snowflakes out of cellophane and stick them to a window after covering it with a mixture of two parts dish soap to one part water.

Source: http://www.whatdowedoallday.com/2014/12/snowflake-stained-glass-window-project.html

5. Oil and Paper Window Heart Garland

This is a great window art activity to help decorate your classroom for Valentine’s Day! Simply cut heart shapes out of colored construction paper and have children paint vegetable oil onto the hearts with cotton swabs. The next step is to string them together and hang the heart garland in front of a window for a beautiful stained glass effect.

Source: http://childhoodlist.blogspot.com/2012/01/87-oil-and-paper-stained-glass-window.html

6. Hole Punch Art

Help young children develop their fine motor skills with this fun activity. Have children punch out as many holes as they can around the sides of a piece of construction paper—be sure to save all of the dots! Then take a piece of clear contact paper and arrange the dots as you like. Cut out the center of the original piece of construction paper, and use it as the frame.

Source: http://nurturestore.co.uk/hole-punch-art

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