Looking for new classroom furniture, educational technology, or educational materials for your classroom or center? Check out this list of the hottest and newest products we’re offering in 2016!

1. Premium Solid Maple Furniture

The strength, beauty, and durability of the pieces in our new Premium Solid Maple furniture line make them must-have items for the classroom. The units are made of FSC-Certified North American solid maple and have beveled doors, pinch-free hinges, and chunky handles. If you’re looking for high-quality classroom furniture that is resistant to daily wear and tear, be sure to check out all of the pieces featured in our Premium Solid Maple furniture line!

Available Soon!

2. Inspire Ultra and Inspire Plus

Provide endless learning opportunities for children with the Kaplan-exclusive Inspire Ultra (65” 4000ppi screen) and Inspire Plus (55” 1080pppi screen). The versatile and easy-to-use Inspire Ultra and Inspire Plus feature a push-button adjustable stand, integrated sound bar for volume control, Blu-ray/DVD player, five-year subscription to Prowise Proconnect software, and much more!

3. Connect4Learning™: The Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum

Developed through funding from the National Science Foundation, Connect4Learning™ (C4L) weaves together learning experiences and helps children develop key math, science, literacy, and social-emotional skills. C4L utilizes a project-based approach, offers strategies to individualize instruction, aligns with the new Head Start Outcomes Framework and state early learning standards, and builds observation opportunities into daily lessons. For more information about the curriculum, browse our Connect4Learning™ page or visit the Connect4Learning™ website.  


4. When I Grow Up STEM Series

The When I Grow Up STEM Series provides children with the tools and activities they need to experience what it’s like to be an environmental scientist, archaeologist, and civil engineer. This series is a great way to get children excited about STEM while encouraging them to explore STEM-related careers when they grow up.

5. School Readiness Math Toolboxes

With four options to choose from, our School Readiness Math Toolboxes provide children with hands-on math experiences that help support seven different math skills. Eight interactive cards and the corresponding materials are included in each of the School Readiness Math Toolboxes. Whether you pick the Count and Compare Toolbox, Patterns and Sorting Toolbox, Ordering and Positional Words Toolbox, Measurement Toolbox, or all four, children will love learning basic math skills with these engaging toolboxes!

6. STEM Builder Series

Children can build aircrafts, waterways, or animals with our STEM Builder Series—the possibilities are endless! The three available kits provide hands-on, open-ended materials that incorporate a variety of STEM components to help children learn 21st century skills. Giving children opportunities to build things and learn how things work is a great way for them to use their creativity and develop their critical thinking skills.

7. Wooden Block Balance

Our Kaplan-exclusive Wooden Block Balance provides opportunities for child-guided exploration and experimentation. The 17-piece wooden set features a curved balance board and includes cubes, rectangles, and notched squares.

8. Jellyfish Seating

Create a comfortable and active sitting experience for children with Jellyfish Jr. This unique seating option engages children’s bodies and brains while satisfying their need for movement and improving their posture. An adult version is also available!

9. Wooden Octoplay

Our Kaplan-exclusive Wooden Octoplay features 20 wooden construction shapes that slot together. Young builders will love creating a variety of construction models with this unique building set.

10. Perspective Mirrors

This five-piece set of Perspective Mirrors includes three flat mirrors, one concave mirror, and one convex mirror. The colorful mirrors come in different shapes and allow young children to experiment with different mirror lenses.

11. Exploration Toolboxes

Help children develop language and literacy skills and learn about the world around them with our Transportation Exploration Toolbox, Families & Home Exploration Toolbox, Community Helpers Toolbox, and Farm Exploration Toolbox. Each toolbox comes with a 12-page activity guide to help provide children with wonderful learning opportunities in the classroom.

12. Magnecraft™ Dream Builder Set

Our newest magnetic building set features 19 colorful square panels that connect on the corners with an enclosed magnet. Children will love creating play houses, towers, and other large structures with the Magnecraft™ Dream Builder Set!

13. Preschool and School Readiness Journals

IF you’re looking for ways to encourage writing and/or drawing, be sure to check out our new Preschool Journals and School Readiness Journals! The 32-page journals provide several tips and ideas on journaling and help children learn how and why they should journal.


14. The Happy Architect Town

Children can build their own version of a town with this fun wooden building set! The Happy Architect Town includes 26 interchangeable pieces that are perfect for unlimited play.


15. Mini Spiral Mountain Set

As a part of our new Heartland Collection, the Mini Spiral Mountain Set encourages young children to engage in active play experiences. The set includes five eco-friendly pieces with nature-inspired colors.

16. Cushy Tushy™ Pillow Crafted Carpets

Cushy Tushy™ Pillow Crafted Carpets are made in the U.S.A. and offer a soft place for children to sit and play. The carpets have a sturdy rug backing, pillow crafted technology sandwiched in the center of each rug, and fun Cushy Tushy™ designs. Our selection of Cushy Tushy™ designs includes Bubbles, Solid Blue, Alphabet, Stars Seating Rows, and Counting Monkeys.

17. All-in-One Teacher Tote

Our new All-in-One Teacher Tote collapses for easy storage, has a spacious main compartment, and provides eight additional storage pockets. Teachers will love using this multipurpose tote to store and carry classroom supplies, materials, and other necessities.

18. Puzzle Sets

Our new Spanish and Bilingual Floor Puzzles (Set of 4) offer children the opportunity to learn numbers, letters, colors, and shapes in Spanish. Each puzzle in the set includes 24 pieces and measures 24” x 36”. The Friends Like Me Differing Abilities Puzzle Set (Set of 4) and the Friends Like Me Diversity Puzzle Set (Set of 4) will also be available from Kaplan in 2016. Each puzzle set includes 14 pieces, measures 9” x 12”, and has a photo underneath the puzzle pieces for guided assembly. 

19. Nature View Microscope

The Kaplan-exclusive Nature View Microscope is a great way to get children interested in science! The microscope features interchangeable lenses (magnified, tinted, and kaleidoscope) and 10 different nature slides for children to look at from different viewpoints. 

20. Snapdolls and Accessories

Promote the development of fine motor and social and emotional skills with our Kaplan-exclusive Snapdolls and their interchangeable outfits! The 11” dolls come in sets of two and include two shirts, two pairs of pants, two caps, two snacks, and two accessories. Additional outfits and accessories are also available! The Snapdoll Career Set and Snapdoll Four Seasons Weather Set each include four outfits and 16 accessories.

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