If one of your goals for this year is to keep your classroom more organized, we’ve got some great ideas to help you get started! From organizing your classroom library to keeping your art supplies neat and tidy, these five classroom organization hacks can help you create a well-organized learning environment for your students.

1. Customized Binder Clips

Are you tired of the endless stacks of paperwork all over your desk? Do you sometimes forget what papers you need to file, grade, or hand out? These customized binder clips can help you stay organized, and they also serve as great reminders of what you need to do with all of your paperwork. You can easily customize them to fit your needs and make as many as you need.

Source: http://iamacraftaddict.blogspot.com/2008/11/custom-organized-binder-clips.html 

2. Book Dividers

Are the bookshelves in your classroom always a mess? Do the children in your care struggle to put books back in the correct spot? Turning paint stirrers into book dividers is a great way to help children keep bookshelves organized. Decide if you want to organize the books by title or author’s last name and talk with children about the new process of putting up books.

Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/clever-organization-hacks-for-elementary-school-teachers?sub=2434550_1488854#.qbjRll3G9

3. DIY Charging Rack

Do you need a place to store and charge the tablets/iPads in your classroom? You can easily turn a dish rack into a charging rack for electronic devices. Use zip ties or a similar material to keep the cords and power strip in place.

Source: http://www.columbiamagazine.com/photoarchive.php?photo_id=43104

4. Construction Paper Organizer

Where do you store sheets of construction paper for arts and crafts in your classroom? Are they all mixed up in drawer or on a shelf somewhere? Using hanging file folders to separate your construction paper by color and shade in a clear plastic tote is a creative way to keep your construction paper organized and easy to find.

Source: http://www.teachwithme.com/blogs/getting-to-the-core/item/450-more-back-to-school-ideas-organizing-paper

5. DIY Ruler Storage

Looking for a creative and eco-friendly way to store rulers? You can make your own DIY storage container for rulers with a Pringles® can, scrapbook paper, X-Acto knife, and spray adhesive. You can even customize the storage container to fit your classroom’s theme or the interests of your students!

Source: http://www.classroomdiy.com/2012/05/diy-upcycled-ruler-storage.html

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