Help children take part in the New Year festivities by throwing a kid-friendly noon year’s eve party! Many young children lose their struggle to stay awake and have to go to bed well before the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve. A noon year’s eve party allows you to celebrate the start of a new year with your students or your own children while helping them keep their regular sleep schedule. It’s a great way to keep kids from staying up too late and being grumpy the next day! Here are a few tips and activity ideas to help you put together a festive noon year’s eve party for the children in your care:

1. Make Banners or a Countdown Board
Have children decorate 11 different banners—one should have the words “Happy Noon Year!” or “Happy New Year!” and the others should have a number from 1–10. The banners will help you and your students count down the final seconds until noon, and they also provide a visual for young children who are still learning their numbers. Another fun option would be to work on making a special noon year’s eve countdown board as a class.

2. Create Noon Year’s Eve Hats, Glasses, and Sparklers
People often celebrate New Year’s Eve by wearing fun and festive (and sometimes silly) hats and glasses, so make an effort to incorporate that tradition into your noon year’s eve celebration. There are a variety of fun hat crafts, designs for glasses, and DIY sparkler crafts for kids on Pinterest.

3. Make Individual and Classroom Resolutions
To make a classroom resolution, talk about any issues the class seems to be having (staying quiet, following the rules, sharing, turning in homework, etc.) and see if there is anything they would like to do more of or improve on (being organized, reading more books, practicing their writing more, etc.). Then, as a class, determine what your classroom resolution should be for the rest of the school year. Make sure you write down the resolution and put it in a place that children can easily see. For individual resolutions, consider doing handprint resolutions to hang in your classroom or put on a bulletin board.

4. Count Down to 12 p.m.
As the noon hour nears, have children get their banners and come to the front of the classroom or gather around the countdown board. Count down the last few seconds until noon, and then celebrate with your students! You may want to have a bell to ring when the clock strikes noon, or give children noisemakers beforehand.

5. Sing “We Wish You a Happy New Year” or “We Wish You a Happy Noon Year”
Sing the following song (featured in The GIANT Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities) to the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. You could also change the song to “We Wish You a Happy Noon Year” if you want to stay consistent with your party theme.

We wish you a happy new year,
We wish you a happy new year,
We wish you a happy new year
With lots of good cheer.

If your school or center is closed on New Year’s Eve, encourage families to have a noon year’s eve party at home with their children. Check to see if any museums, libraries, etc. in your area are having a noon year’s eve party for children and their families. Share any information you find with families and send home a list of activity ideas for families to do at their noon year’s eve party.