If your students finish an assignment or quiz early, do they know what activities they’re allowed to do until everyone else is finished? Instead of having early finishers come up and ask you what they need to do, it’s important that you have a system in place that allows them to choose from a list of approved activities and prevents them from disturbing other students. Here are a few easy ways to help your early finishers know what to do:

1. Have an “I’m Done!” Jar or Cup

Put activity ideas on craft sticks and put them in a jar or cup for children to choose from when they finish an assignment early. This is a simple way to make sure early finishers are engaged and focused.


2. Create an “I’m Done” Station

Use the “I’m Done” jar or cup and add a storage cart or storage trays to put paper and supplies for the activities featured on the craft sticks. This provides early finishers with everything they need to stay focused and engaged.


3. Hang Up Task Cards on a Wall or Bulletin Board

Come up with task cards that have a variety of activities for early finishers to do. You can laminate the cards to ensure that students don’t accidently tear them. 


4. Make a Choice Board for Early Finishers

Making a choice board for early finishers gives them lots of options to choose from if they finish an assignment early. The example below is color-coded by subject, and the choices are changed often.


5. Create a Wall Display of Activity Ideas for Students

Creating a wall display of activity ideas gives students something easy and convenient to refer to when they finish a task or assignment early. Use one of the unique examples below or make your own!



Tell us how you remind early finishers of their approved choices on our Facebook and Twitter pages or in the comment section below! Be sure to read our Insights and Inspirations article “Keeping Early Finishers Engaged and Focused” for ten activity ideas that you can include in your approved choices for early finishers.