Now that December has arrived, you’re likely scrambling around and trying to figure out what gifts you’re going to give everyone this year. If you’re looking for unique and creative gift ideas for the children in your life, look no further! From a custom memory game to a creative art kit, children are sure to love any of the following gifts featured in Judy Fujawa’s (Almost) Everything You Need to Know About Early Childhood Education:

  • A plain white T-shirt, banner, or tote bag along with fabric paints and markers
  • A special book accompanied by a recording of you reading the book
  • A dress-up suitcase full of clothes, hats, jewelry, ties, vests, boas, costumes, etc.
  • A creative art kit consisting of a wide variety of art supplies
  • A memory game made out of snapshots (double prints) of the child
  • A bucket-o-ingredients including recipes for playdough, bubble solution, face paint, etc.
  • A toolbox full of safe miscellaneous tools, measuring devices, a child-sized apron, etc.
  • A coupon book made by you with special coupons highlighting activities, privileges, etc.
  • A gardening kit made up of gardening tools, various seeds, flower pots, soil, and a watering can in a handy gardener’s basket
  • A jewelry box kit consisting of a plain wooden box to decorate, glue, and a variety of decorative items such as gemstones, glitter, lace, sparkles, beads, etc.

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