Trying to incorporate aspects of fall into your lesson plans? The fall season is the perfect time to engage students with fun activities that enrich learning. Whether it's planting a fall garden or writing a fall Haiku, your elementary students will enjoy participating in the fall activities listed below.

22. Leaf Sorting

Go on a nature walk around your school and collect fallen leaves. Once back in your classroom, have students work collaboratively to sort the leaves into groups based on their own rules. Have groups present their sorts to the class and explain the rules they used for sorting. Compare the sorts to see the different ways leaves can be classified.

23. Fall Holidays and Traditions

Have students do an “expert project” by picking a fall holiday or tradition to research and complete a project discussing the history and significance of their holiday.

24. Fall Planting

Research fall plants as a class or individually. Use your local school garden or an EarthBox® to plant fall fruits, vegetables, and other plants.

25. Measuring Your Fall Garden

Once you have created your fall garden, set up a system of collecting and recording data. Graphing the growth of plants, measuring water levels, and observing the impact sun and shade have on the plants are all good ideas for data collection.

26. Life Cycles

Fall is a great time to discuss life cycles. Some plants are nearing the end of their cycle while others are beginning. Use local resources such as pumpkin patches, apple orchards, and school gardens as a starting point to investigating where different plants are in their life cycles during fall. Graphic organizers, charts, and presentations are great extensions for this exploration.

27. The Sun and Earth

Explore the relationship between the sun and earth by observing and recording the ways the sun changes during the progression of fall and how that impacts plants and animals. This is a great lesson for daily measurement and observation routines; it’s also a great way to get students to use journaling to record their observations over time. Since a lot of the observable differences in the sun happen in the evenings, this can serve as a wonderful activity for students and families to do together.

28. Study Migrations

As a part of life science studies, use resources on the Journey North and National Geographic websites to track migrations of various animals. These types of resources will provide real-time maps that use data collected by field experts to track populations. Various research, math writing, and graphing opportunities can come from these engagements. Why are the animals migrating? What is the total distance they will travel? How much further do they have to travel? What is their daily average for miles traveled? The extensions of this lesson are plentiful and engaging. Throw a class celebration when your studied animal reaches its destination!

29. Service Learning

The fall is when many service-oriented organizations begin seeking donations and extra assistance. The Red Cross, Goodwill Industries, food banks, and other organizations would love the support of various drives and fundraisers to support bringing in food and clothing to help cover the increased needs that come with the winter months. This is a great opportunity to study civic responsibility and service learning with students.

30. Composting

As you develop your fall garden, keep in mind that the fall is a great time to introduce a composting program in your classroom or in the whole school. Students can observe compost made up of natural components, such as leaves, certain foods, and plant material.

31. Fall Haiku

The Haiku is a style of poetry grounded in observing nature. The fall is a great time to get students outside to observe and write. Once students learn the form of the Haiku, they can use it as a way to synthesize their learning in many areas. A Haiku would be a great extension to any of the activities listed above!

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