How are you planning on incorporating the fall season into your classroom space? If you need some fall design inspiration, we’ve come up with tips on choosing a fall theme and a great list of decoration ideas and bulletin board designs for you to consider!

Fantastic Fall Themes

From leaves and pumpkins to turkeys and scarecrows, there definitely isn’t any shortage of fall themes you can use in your classroom. In fact, there are so many possibilities that it can be hard to choose! Here are a few tips for picking your fall theme for this year:

  • Decide if you want to stick with one fall theme/design or if you want to do several different themes (e.g., Halloween and Thanksgiving) throughout the season.
  • Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box (owls or cornucopias, anyone?).
  • Look at things you already have in the classroom or things you can get from nature (e.g., pinecones, acorns, etc.) to help you keep costs down.
  • Come up with a fun fall craft (related to your theme) for students to work on, and then use their projects as part of your decorations or design.               


Door Decoration Ideas

Your classroom door is one of the first things children (and parents) see as they walk into your classroom, so it’s important that your fall door decorations make a statement and serve as an introduction to your overall fall design theme.

Bulletin Board Designs

Bulletin boards are another place for you to share your classroom’s theme for fall. Let children help you decide what the bulletin board should look like or use one of the below images as inspiration.

Wall and Table Decorations

Make a fall wreath to place on a classroom wall or place small pumpkins, pinecones, or any other items that represent your theme in the center of tables or on top of bookshelves. All of these small design pieces are the finishing touches you need to complete your classroom’s fall theme.

Looking for fun fall activity ideas? Check back next week for our three-part blog series!