The dramatic play center is one of the most important components of a preschool or kindergarten classroom. It’s where young children engage in creative play, learn about their community, role play various careers and situations, develop and practice life skills, and gain experience with items and tools they’ll use as adults. The items you include in the dramatic play center will have a large impact on what children learn as they play in the learning center. Any of the items featured in the list below would be great additions to your dramatic play center:

1. Dress-Up Center with Mirror

This four-sided storage center provides lots of space for storing dramatic play items. The storage unit features a mirror, four storage shelves, and three double hooks for hanging dramatic play clothes and costumes.

2. Carolina Market

Children will love selling fruits, vegetables, and other foods with the Carolina Market! The stand features a dry-erase board for children to write prices and specials and a large counter for them to display items for sell.

3. Go Green Market Set

The Go Green Market Set features nine fruits and seven vegetables that children can carry in two reusable, eco-friendly bags. Great for shopping play or as an accessory for the Carolina Market!

4. Lifestyle Dream Kitchen

The Lifestyle Dream Kitchen has a compact, realistic design that includes kitchen appliances, storage drawers, cabinets, and other features. A 27-piece accessory set is also included.

5. International Food Collection

Children can learn about food from around the world with the pretend food sets in our International Food Collection. Choose from African, Asian, Hispanic/Latino, Japanese, and Italian food sets, or you can choose the complete set of five.

6. Four Food Groups

Help children learn about food groups with this set of pretend food! Children can choose foods from each food group to create a healthy meal.

7. 14” Lots to Love Babies

These popular baby dolls are 14” tall and have moveable arms and legs and heads that turn. Children will love taking care of these dolls in the dramatic play center!

8. Dramatic Play Costumes – Career Set

These realistic dramatic play costumes are sure to be a hit with the children in your care. Children can dress up as a firefighter, doctor, nurse, police officer, or pilot.

9. Handyman Tool Set

Encourage little carpenters to practice their carpentry skills with this Handyman Tool Set. The set includes two power tools, a toolbox, and various tools and accessories.

10. Occupation Puppets

Children can come up with their own plays and scenarios with these Occupation Puppets. The set of eight puppets includes a postal worker, police officer, doctor, vet, firefighter, chef, farmer, and construction worker.

Browse our Dramatic Play section for a variety of dress-up clothes, pretend play kitchen and food sets, puppets, accessories, and more! Our Insights and Inspirations article “How to Set Up Your Preschool Dramatic Play Learning Center” is also a great resource for planning and organizing your dramatic play center.