Looking for new technology to “tech out” your classroom? You’re in luck! From tablet charging stations to interactive software, we’ve released several new educational technology items that we think will be a big hit in the classroom and make for a more effective teaching strategy. Here are five forms of #edtech to encourage digital learning in your students:

1.Tech Tub™ Cart with 4 Premium Tech Tubs™ 

Have too many tablets but nowhere to store them? The TechTub™ Cart is the perfect solution for not only meeting your storage needs, but also providing an easy method of transportation. With four Premium Tech Tubs, the TechTub™ Cart keeps classroom technology secure with a locking security system and locking casters to increase mobility! It’s the perfect way to wheel your technology devices wherever your lessons take them! 

2. iTeach Table Charging and Syncing Cart 

No one ever truly experiences the joy of teaching until they face the battle of technology time continually interrupted by devices that aren’t charged. Teach like a pro by teching out with the iTeach Table! The table keeps classroom laptops and tablets consistently charged and offers the perfect solution for ensuring all students can access material being taught without interruption. The table supports up to 32 tablet devices all at once while also providing you with a standing-height surface to teach from. 

3. Hue Animation 

Using video capacity to provide visual learning opportunities in the classroom is all the rage in early learning classrooms! Take video integration one step further by offering a complete stop-motion animation kit, including the HUE HD camera and animation software! The kit is great for supporting budding animators and encourages creativity through the design of animated videos! Built in microphone included for students wanting to create their first fully-featured film!

4. Engage-NG™ 

Need a multi-touch table PC to wheel around and engage multiple students at one time as they explore technology together? Then the Engage-NG™ is designed just for you! This touch-screen tablet features the Windows 8 operating system, engages up to 4 students at one time, and can act as both a interactive display board or activity center for small groups! Each table PC comes with Kaplan-exclusive Shine® Software and eight cooperative learning explorations.

5. Move-NG™ 

Introduce a little movement in the classroom by incorporating the Move-NG™ powered by Microsoft Kinect for Windows! The Move-NG™ uses Kinect hardware to encourage active play as children engage with Kaplan-exclusive games.  Included sensors work with existing whiteboard or computer/projector combinations, making setup a piece of cake!

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