Today is International Literacy Day! There are so many ways you can jump into literacy learning with your students, but we have a few creative ideas to make things extra special, so that students can appreciate how fun reading and writing can really be! Here are five games to play with your students to celebrate the learning holiday:

1. Around the World Board Game


Go international: learn more about cultural diversity and practice early literacy lessons all at the same time! With the Around the World Board Game, the first player to travel around the world and fill their Global Scorecard wins, learning valuable vocabulary and geography lessons along the way.


2. Letter Link Crabs

What better way to get preschoolers excited about spelling than adding animals! Use Letter Link Crabs for letter recognition and water play all wrapped into one. Children will not only make small words from the lower and upper case letters, but they can also fill crabs with water to make learning fun! (This is a great addition to any classroom sand and water table.)


3. Jump into Literacy by Rae Pica


There are so many literacy lessons available for students that it can be hard to find supplemental material in the form of games and activities. That’s where Jump into Literacy can help – with more than 100 literacy activities and games to engage children in reading and writing. The book also provides objectives, materials lists, step-by-step instructions and extension ideas, so you can take the learning as far as you want!


4. Textured Touch and Trace Cards

Trying to find literacy learning options for ELL students? The Textured Touch and Trace Cards are the perfect opportunity to combine letter learning with tactile sensation. Students can feel a smooth beaded texture with green dots to indicate where to begin tracing. It’s a great way to include another one of the senses to enhance the overall learning experience for preschoolers.


5. I Spy Alphabet Aquarium

There’s just something about fish that fascinates preschoolers! With the I Spy Alphabet Aquarium board game, up to four students can match colorful fish cards with the correct letters to boost language learning! Choose from three different ways to play - whether it’s matching uppercase letters to each other, matching upper case letters to lowercase letters, or matching letters to pictures of things that begin with the letter sound. Mix it up for whatever works best for the needs of your students!

-We hope you found some useful options for ways to celebrate International Literacy Day! If you are looking for more ideas to support literacy learning in the classroom, check out the resources below:

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