Children love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their friends and classmates, and they often look forward to participating in the Valentine’s Day parties and activities that teachers and caretakers plan for February 14. Valentine’s Day celebrations and activities provide wonderful teaching opportunities, so we’ve come up with a great selection of classroom activities you can use to help the kids in your care learn about and celebrate Valentine’s Day.


Five Classroom Activities for Valentine’s Day

1. Share Fun Facts about Valentine’s Day

Teaching children about the history of Valentine’s Day and sharing facts about how we celebrate helps make Valentine’s Day activities fun and educational. Here are a few fun facts to get you started:

  • According to The History Channel, Valentine’s Day first became popular in Europe around the 17th century and then spread to the United States in the early 1700s.
  • Small gifts, handwritten notes, and hand-made valentines were the most popular ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day before greeting cards became a mainstay in society.
  • The Greeting Card Association lists Valentine’s Day as one of the biggest card-sending occasions with Americans purchasing 145 million greeting card units each year.
  • The National Confectioners Association estimates that almost 8 billion conversation hearts will be produced this year.

Children will also enjoy reading holiday books, such as the ones in the Holiday Book Series, for more information about Valentine’s Day and other holidays. Be sure to check out our eMarket for a variety of downloadable books and lesson plans for Valentine’s Day.

2. Teach Math with Valentine’s Day Items

Help make learning math fun by incorporating various Valentine’s Day activities and items in your lesson plans. Encourage kids to count how many heart-shaped items they can find in the classroom, for example, or have them guess how many conversation hearts are in a jar. You can also print special heart-themed math activities and worksheets. Browse Pinterest’s math Valentine’s Day games for some other great ideas.

3. Make Valentine’s Day Cards and Other Crafts

Children can make creative Valentine’s Day cards and crafts with just a few simple art supplies, such as patterned paper, construction paper, scissors, glue, and crayons. Encourage kids to make Valentine’s Day cards for their family, friends, and classmates. Children can also make Valentine’s Day card holders by tracing a big heart on two pieces of construction paper, cutting them out, gluing just the edges together, and then decorating the heart card holder. Check out Pinterest’s Valentine’s Day cards and crafts for kids for additional ideas.

4. Decorate Your Classroom for Valentine’s Day

Use the crafts and Valentine’s Day cards your students create as decorations for your classroom. Be sure to also include plenty of red and heart-themed decorations to help your students celebrate Valentine’s Day. Heart-themed mats and cushions also serve as great decorations for your classroom. Another fun decorating idea is to have your students help you come up with a Valentine’s theme for your classroom door. Including your students in the decorating process and showcasing their arts and crafts will help them feel more involved in the classroom.

5. Study the Human Heart and Human Emotions

What better time to study the human heart than on Valentine’s Day? You can teach younger children basic concepts about how the heart works, but consider using a heart anatomy model to help teach older kids about the structure of the heart. Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is also a good time to talk about and explore emotions and other social-emotional concepts with kids.


We Hope You Have a Great Valentine’s Day!