With this spangled craft, you don't have to wait until dark to see July 4th fireworks!


What to Do:

1. Cover the work surface with newspaper or plastic.

2. Test the paint in advance by gently blowing through a straw to see if it flows easily across the paper.

3. Add water to the paint, if necessary, to attain the right consistency.

4. Place a few drops of paint on each child's black paper. Invite the children to blow explosive bursts of color on the "night sky." Let dry.

5. If desired, encourage the children to trace interesting elements in their designs with glitter glue.

Next Steps:

Frame the paintings with red, white, and blue borders for an attractive monthly bulletin board display!


This activity was taken from The GIANT Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities from Gryphon House. For more fun, developmentally appropriate, and educational experiences for young children, you can purchase a copy of The GIANT Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities on our website. Activities from The GIANT Encyclopedia series are also available for free to ProFile Planner subscribers.