The Giant Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities for Children Ages 3 to 6

With over 600 activities, The GIANT Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities is the result of a nationwide search for the most unique, fun, developmentally appropriate, and educational experiences for children. The activities included were selected as the best-of-the-best, and are organized by month for easy use by teachers. Teachers will love the creative ideas that span the traditional areas of the curriculum such as science, math, art, and music and movement, as well as the additional experiences including field trips, cooking, and holidays.


Heart Art


Construction paper in pink, red, purple, and blue



Shallow containers

Paint in white, pink, blue, purple, and red

Sturdy metal 8” or 9” pie tins

Damp paper towels

Spoons (optional)



What To Do:  

  1. Cut pink, red, purple, and blue construction paper in 8” heart shapes.
  2. Ask the children to put their heart shapes into the pie tins. Let them choose the color or paint they want to start with.
  3. Have them drop a marble in the paint. Then, with the spoon or their fingers, they pick up the marble and drop it onto the heart shape in the pie tin. Show the children how to tilt the pie tin to roll the marble around, making colorful tracks.
  4. When the marble has run out of paint, invite the children to choose another color and repeat the marble-painting process.

More to do

Blocks: Provides marbles in the block area for children to move through chutes and down ramps.

Games: Play a variation of “Who’s Got the Button?” using a marble.

Math: Put a different amount of marbles in a jar each day and have children guess the amount.



Related books:

Arthur’s Valentine by Marc Brown

Valentine’s Day by Gail Gibbons


                                                                                                            -Susan Oldham, Lakeland, FL


*Note: It is recommended to use art smocks and ask children to limit the quantity of paint when scooping out the marble with the spoon.