Take Part in Our Pumpkin Picasso Contest!

Create Date October 6, 2014 06:00 by author april
What do you think of when you hear the word "fall"? We think of PUMPKINS! October is the perfect time to get in the fall spirit and explore creative crafts with children. Whether it’s bringing in baked pumpkin goods for snack time, using items around the house for DIY pumpkins, or breaking out the paint for kid-safe jack-o-lanterns, pumpkins provide the perfect canvas for you and the children in your care to let imaginations soar! We recently launched our Pumpkin Picasso Contest to give si... [More]

Making Halloween Educational for Kids

Create Date October 2, 2014 06:30 by author april
How do you plan to celebrate Halloween in your classroom? Will you have a costume parade, throw a Halloween party, decorate pumpkins, or pass out lots of candy? These and other similar activities will only add to children’s excitement about the holiday, but Halloween-related activities aren’t usually the most educational of activities you can plan for students. In fact, some people may say that these types of activities are a waste of time and resources. While you can argue that Hall... [More]

Join Us in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity

Create Date March 23, 2014 22:45 by author april
  Do you think early care and education providers have a responsibility to help prevent childhood obesity? According to the CDC, 18% of children (6-11 years old) and 21% of adolescents (12-19 years old) were considered obese in 2012. The CDC also reported that more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese during that year. The high number of overweight and obese children indicates that more must be done to address the causes of obesity, especially in early care a... [More]

Four Ways to Use an Interactive Table in the Classroom

Create Date March 20, 2014 05:00 by author april
Interactive tables are becoming increasingly popular tools in the classroom due to the engaging content and small-group collaboration they provide. Bigger than educational tablets and more mobile than traditional desktop computers, interactive tables offer expanded educational opportunities for students. As interactive tables are still relatively new additions to the classroom, the different ways they can be used to facilitate student learning are still being developed, discovered, and enhanced.... [More]

How You Can Help Students Learn from Failures

Create Date March 18, 2014 08:45 by author april
As an educator, you do everything you can to help students succeed, but you also know that students will inevitably experience occasional failures at home and in the classroom. How you react to those failures will ultimately determine how a child deals with failing and will also affect the lessons he or she may take away from the experience. You need to understand the different types of failure and learn how to appropriately respond to each type before you can effectively help students cope with... [More]

Friday is Pi Day

Create Date March 11, 2014 22:00 by author april
Did you know that this Friday is Pi Day?  Pi Day is an annual celebration commemorating the mathematical constant of pi.  Observed on March 14 – 3/14 – for obvious reasons, Pi Day has been officially recognized by the United States House of Representatives since 2009.  The Massachusetts Institute of Technology mails its application decision letters to prospective students for delivery on March 14, and they post those decisions online on Pi Day at exactly 6:28 pm to si... [More]

Engage Children in the Classroom with the New Engage-NG

Create Date March 10, 2014 00:30 by author april
Technology is becoming increasingly important in the classroom, but deciding which devices and software programs would work best in your classroom or school isn’t always easy. One key thing to remember is that you should never purchase technology just for the sake of having technology in the classroom. The technology you choose for students and teachers to use should be relevant and should help children further their understanding of the subjects they are studying. The Engage-NG (Next Gene... [More]

The Power of Experiential Learning

Create Date February 27, 2014 06:30 by author april
We used to call it hands-on learning.  Even in those classrooms that didn’t have state-of-the-art technology, kids would build and create and make things using buttons, bottle caps, Popsicle sticks, and glue.  The focus was on exploration, discovery, creativity, and problem-solving.  There was no clear distinction between the arts, engineering, science, and math.  Kids were making things. Now with the shift to STEM-based instruction and the emphasis that Next Generatio... [More]

The Reggio Emilia Approach: What It Is and How You Can Implement It in the Classroom

Create Date February 24, 2014 06:30 by author april
The Reggio Emilia Approach to early childhood education has become increasingly popular as parents and educators push for an educational approach that focuses more on children’s natural curiosity and development and gives them the opportunity to truly understand what they are learning. The values of the Reggio Emilia Approach are based on the educational approach taken by educators in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Education.com lists the following as core values of the Reggio Emilia Approach: ... [More]

From the Heart: Classroom Activities for Valentine’s Day

Create Date February 9, 2014 20:35 by author april
Children love to celebrate Valentine’s Day with their friends and classmates, and they often look forward to participating in the Valentine’s Day parties and activities that teachers and caretakers plan for February 14. Valentine’s Day celebrations and activities provide wonderful teaching opportunities, so we’ve come up with a great selection of classroom activities you can use to help the kids in your care learn about and celebrate Valentine’s Day.   Five Cla... [More]

Promoting Science and Engineering in Preschool and Elementary Classrooms

Create Date January 26, 2014 23:00 by author april
Science and engineering are core components of STEM, which has gained increased attention and support over the past few years. Political officials and business leaders continuously stress that the integration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the classroom is the key to America’s future. Studies and job projections also support the importance of STEM education. A recent study by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce projected that the number ... [More]

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in the Classroom

Create Date January 15, 2014 22:45 by author april
Every year the third Monday in January is reserved for the federal holiday honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. and his work as a prominent leader of the civil rights movement. King’s efforts to make the dream he envisioned a reality resulted in the world we live in today, which is why we take time to honor King and his legacy. Here are a few activities for preschoolers and elementary students you can incorporate into your lesson plans to help children learn about King’s legacy, the civil rights movement, and the principles exemplified in each. [More]

Popular Classroom Items for Infants & Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Elementary-Age Students

Create Date November 27, 2013 03:40 by author april
We have compiled a list of our most popular classroom items to help make the holiday season a little easier for you. Any of the following items would make a great classroom gift or be a wonderful addition to the classroom in 2014! Infants & Toddlers (Ages 0-3): 1. Boppy® Pillow - Help babies build muscle control and learn to stabilize themselves with these comfy and functional pillows. These will also help you feed, support, and hold infants. You can also purchase slipcovers to persona... [More]

Four Ways to Help Students Give Back and Help Others

Create Date November 26, 2013 06:53 by author april
Children may learn about charity at home, but it should also be taught and encouraged in the classroom. Charity projects can help students and teachers build connections while also fostering a positive, rewarding environment in the classroom. Being charitable helps children feel more confident and helps increase their social skills as they learn about the world around them. Learning to be charitable at a young age can also make children better community members and help foster positive benefits ... [More]

5 Classroom Management Tips to Get You Through the Holidays

Create Date November 22, 2013 03:20 by author april
As we approach the holidays, our children seem to have endless energy while teachers work harder than ever to keep everyone on task, in line, and maintain an environment that is conducive to learning. With all of the sugar and sweets, the anticipation of gifts and relatives and family activities, and countless interruptions to the daily schedule, some students reach the point of emotional overload and behavior problems often follow. Here are five tips to reduce behavior problems and keep student... [More]
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