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Celebrate Read a New Book Month with Your Students!

Create Date December 1, 2015 03:10 by author april
Did you know that December is Read a New Book Month? With all the craziness of the holiday season, taking a moment to enjoy a new book with your students can add a little calm to the chaos. [More]

Top 10 Toys for the 2015 Holiday Season

Create Date November 25, 2015 03:30 by author april
Whether you’re looking for new items for your classroom or gifts for your own children, this list of top 10 toys for the 2015 holiday season is sure to help you find fun and educational toys that the children in your care will enjoy! [More]

A Note of Gratitude

Create Date November 24, 2015 03:00 by author april
The success of a company is dependent on a variety of factors, which is why we want to recognize all of the individuals, businesses, and organizations that help us grow and succeed. Whether you’re a customer, vendor, partner, employee, or connected to Kaplan in some other way, we want to thank you for everything you do for Kaplan. [More]

Four Festive Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

Create Date November 19, 2015 03:15 by author april
Thanksgiving is almost here! How are you celebrating with your preschoolers? We’ve provided four festive crafts and activities you can do to teach gratitude and celebrate Thanksgiving with the preschoolers in your care. [More]

Teaching Children About Gratitude Through Service Learning

Create Date November 17, 2015 02:45 by author april
The end of the year is the perfect time to teach children about the importance of being thankful for the things and people they have in their life. One of the best ways you can teach children about gratitude is by incorporating service-learning projects into your classroom. [More]

Come See Us at the 2015 NAEYC Annual Conference and Expo!

Create Date November 11, 2015 07:45 by author april
From November 18–21, thousands of early childhood educators will be in beautiful Orlando, Florida, for the 2015 NAEYC Annual Conference and Expo. If you’re one of the lucky attendees, be sure to visit Booth 704 to meet and talk with some of our Kaplan team members, explore our innovative new products and resources, learn about our new furniture line (available in January), and spin the digital prize wheel. We hope to see you there! [More]

The Writer’s Editorial: Do Standardized Tests Equal Exam Overload for Students?

Create Date November 10, 2015 02:45 by author april
Standardized testing is once again in the national spotlight after the Council of the Great City Schools’ comprehensive study of over 60 big-city school districts found that students in those school districts took almost 112 mandatory standardized exams from PreK–12th grade. [More]

Ways to Use Bells in the Classroom

Create Date November 5, 2015 03:15 by author april
Children love listening to the sound of bells, and finding ways to use bells in the classroom can create lots of active learning opportunities for children. Many of the instruments young children use are made of wood or plastic, so make sure you talk about bells being made of metal and how they sound different from other instruments. Abigail Flesch Connors, MEd, suggests that you remind children to play with bells gently and demonstrate how to lightly shake the bells before you hand the instruments out. [More]

Holiday Survival Guide for Teachers

Create Date November 3, 2015 03:00 by author april
As a teacher, you know that the holidays can cause chaos in the classroom. Children seem to have even more energy (while yours is quickly dwindling) and getting them calm enough to focus and participate in holiday-related activities and regular lesson plans can feel like it requires a Herculean effort. To help you make it through the holidays, we’ve come up with a holiday survival guide that provides a variety of tips on how you can make sure you’re taking care of yourself during these last few busy months of the year. [More]

A Quick Start Guide to Our New and Improved MyKaplan FloorPlanner

Create Date November 2, 2015 04:00 by author april
What if you could enter the exact dimensions of your classroom, arrange the space the way you want it, and get a realistic 3D rendering of what your classroom will look like with the items you’ve selected? Our new MyKaplan FloorPlanner does that and much more! From ERS-supported starter classrooms to customized product lists, FloorPlanner will help you easily create the classroom of your dreams. [More]

Explaining Why Time Falls Back This Weekend

Create Date October 29, 2015 04:45 by author april
Two times a year we either spring forward or fall back. With daylight saving time ending this weekend, most people will have to set their clocks back one hour before they go to bed on Saturday night to make sure they have the correct time on Sunday morning. Helping children understand why the time changes is a great opportunity to discuss the history of daylight saving time and help young children work on their time-telling skills. [More]

Unmask Bullying in the Classroom

Create Date October 26, 2015 08:59 by author april
Whether you know it or not, there are bullies, victims, and bystanders in your classroom. National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month is celebrated each October, which gives you the perfect opportunity to work on unmasking bullying in your classroom. Bullying affects students’ physical and social-emotional health, but most bullying incidents are often unreported. [More]

Halloween Fun for Elementary Students (Free Printable!)

Create Date October 22, 2015 04:30 by author april
Have scary stories, pumpkins, and spider webs overtaken your classroom yet? The opportunity to dress up and be creative with designs and decorations makes Halloween a popular holiday for both students and teachers. Here are a two spooktastic activities you can do with your students to celebrate Halloween in the classroom! [More]

Preschool Pumpkin Crafts and Activities

Create Date October 20, 2015 04:15 by author april
Pumpkins galore! Pumpkins are staples of the Halloween holiday and fall season, and they can provide a variety of fantastic learning opportunities for preschoolers. With Halloween fast approaching, we thought we would share some of our favorite pumpkin crafts and activities from The Giant Encyclopedia of Monthly Activities to help you celebrate Halloween with your preschoolers. [More]

The Writer’s Editorial: Are You Having “The Talk” with Your Students?

Create Date October 15, 2015 04:00 by author april
Relax—I don’t mean the birds and the bees talk. I mean the other talk: the talk in which you emphasize the importance of students being safe and responsible when they’re online or using apps. Common Sense Education is encouraging parents and educators to #HaveTheTalk with children as a part of Digital Citizenship Week (October 18–24, 2015). [More]
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