Creating Your Child Care Center Business Plan

Create Date October 29, 2009 04:23 by author Kaplan Early Learning
You've finalized your vision of your child care program, selected locations for consideration, done the necessary research of the child care market in your community, and developed a general marketing plan for recruitment of families. Now it is time for you to take all of this information and put it into a single document − the document that will be the heart and soul of your child care center: THE BUSINESS PLAN. This business plan will enable you to raise the capital, maintain the ... [More]

Outdoor Play Areas

Create Date October 27, 2009 12:55 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Your outdoor play area should be considered your outdoor classroom. Children will spend hours playing outdoors developing physical creativity, problem-solving, and social skills. The first consideration for the outdoor play area is SAFETY. Conduct monthly safety inspections of all outdoor play areas. A well-planned outdoor area is not only a stimulating  and fun place to play; it is also an added value to your program. The location of your playground should be approved first by zoning.... [More]

Designing Your Child Care Center: The Building (continued)

Create Date October 22, 2009 04:39 by author Kaplan Early Learning
MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT Selection of materials should be based on developmental practices of supporting the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth of children. Select and purchase similar furniture and materials for each classroom. This gives a refined look at your center. Purchase the following for each child: cot, chair, table space, and cubbie for personal belongings. Selection of furniture and equipment should be based on how often each will be used on a daily basis. Selec... [More]

Designing Your Child Care Center: The Building

Create Date October 20, 2009 04:07 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Your child care facility design should combine your knowledge of child care regulations and of appropriate environments for young children. Child care facilities have specific design requirements that must be applied when you build or renovate. Remodeling your facility could be very costly if you overlook or ignore the basic design requirements. The following is a basic child care center design checklist which can help you to understand the space needed to care for children. This will be of grea... [More]

Your Child Care Center Facility

Create Date October 15, 2009 10:59 by author Kaplan Early Learning
LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Once you have a working knowledge of the child care regulatory systems, the zoning laws, and the requirements for your facility, the next step is to identify your location. You may already have one in mind; if not, it is critical for you to conduct more research. The facility you choose (or build) must mesh with the purpose and goals of your program. The program's success will be based primarily on its location. You may build a great child care center and establish ... [More]

The Child Care Regulation System

Create Date October 13, 2009 06:38 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Most states have regulations and a licensing system to ensure that there are minimum standards in out-of-home care of young children. Before you start developing a Child Care Center Business Plan, you should first research and understand the child care regulations in your community. The more you understand about the people who support and enforce the regulations, the easier it will be to create your business plan. Similarly, before determining your location, you should become totally familiar wi... [More]

Establishing and Working With a Board for a Child Care Center

Create Date October 8, 2009 10:31 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Most child care centers have a governing body that assists the program with representation from various professional disciplines.  You should seek members from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise (specifically early childhood education, law, finance, business, and health and safety), as well as parents who can contribute and work on behalf of the center.

Why Educators Are Losing Boys, How to Get Them Back

Create Date October 5, 2009 07:05 by author Kaplan Early Learning
Larry Griffin finds that the number of boys who are unmotivated and underachieving is growing.  He has identified five reasons why educators and society are failing to successfully launch boys and offers advice on how we can get boys back on course. Hear him interviewed by Rae Pica and Mark Ginsberg on NAEYC Radio: Larry Griffin is a National Education Training Consultant for Kaplan Early Learning Company. He consults with programs who are striving to create effective ... [More]

Legal Determination of Your Child Care Program

Create Date October 2, 2009 08:00 by author Kaplan Early Learning
The type of program you create will need to be identified and legally recognized as either a not-for-profit or proprietary program. Non-profit centers can receive funding from government sources or other subsidies from sponsoring agencies. Revenues exceeding expenses in non-profit centers are used to improve salaries, buy supplies and equipment, and in other ways to increase quality and services. Proprietary centers (privately run for profit) operate to produce a return for shareholders' investm... [More]

Naming a Child Care Center

Create Date September 29, 2009 12:49 by author Kaplan Early Learning Company
It is important to decide on a name for your center early on.  Your child care center's name will, in essence, be your trademark to the community. You want your name to reflect on your program's purpose.  The name should be short and concise.  Avoid cute and trendy names related to children and child care; a name or phrase that is popular now may not retain its value or identity later.  You want families and the community to recognize your child care center by a name that wil... [More]

Care and Maintenance of Kaplan K-System, Nature Color and Golden Oak Tables

Create Date September 25, 2009 07:07 by author Kaplan Early Learning Company
For routine care, clean the surface using a damp cloth or sponge and a mild soap or detergent.  Difficult stains such as paint can be removed using a mild household cleaner/detergent and a soft bristled brush, repeating as necessary.  If a stain persists, use a paste of baking soda and water and apply with a soft bristled brush.  Light scrubbing for 10 to 20 strokes should remove most stains.  Although baking soda is a low abrasive, excessive scrubbing or exerting too much fo... [More]

Cleaning crayon marks off of plastic chairs and other products

Create Date September 3, 2009 07:37 by author Kaplan Early Learning Company
Are you looking for ways to clean crayon marks off of plastic chairs and other products?  [More]

Creating a Vision for a Child Care Program

Create Date June 11, 2009 08:09 by author Kaplan Early Learning Company
Let's quickly differentiate between a child care center and a child care program.  A child care center is an actual place, a building where children are cared for.  A child care program is the way the children are cared for, and involves planning age-appropriate activities, use of different teaching methods, etc. Before opening your child care center, you need to think about your child care program.  In thinking about your program, first you need to decide its PURPOSE, GOALS, and... [More]

Three Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Opening a Child Care Center

Create Date June 11, 2009 07:51 by author Kaplan Early Learning Company
America needs quality child care centers. Of working women, over 75% have children, and over 50% have children under the age of 5 years. Opening a child care center is an excellent investment both for you and your community.  The benefits are two-fold: you benefit by offering a service for which there is a constant demand, and the families in your community benefit by having the services of a high quality child care center available. However, it's not as simple as renting a building and pu... [More]
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